The Hidden Benefits of Shapewear for Men

Let’s get this out of the way: yes, men wear shapewear, too. Shapewear for men, which you may also hear referred to as a men’s girdle, is an overarching term for a certain kind of foundation garment: these pieces are like underwear with built-in benefits. The main benefit of shapewear is that it’s made of compression fabric.

Compression fabric is basically a material that applies a certain level of pressure to your body parts while you’re wearing it. The purpose of this pressure is multifaceted: different levels of compression offer different levels of shaping power. Leo’s shapewear has 3 compression levels: a light, seamless level of compression that applies gently pressure to smooth things out; a moderate level of compression that’s breathable and comfortable but still offers elevated shaping power; and firm compression, which is the strongest level and offers the highest level of sculpting. Our shapewear is made using our signature high-tech compression fabrics that get the job done while remaining comfortable enough to wear all day.

But compression isn’t just good for aesthetic reasons. You may have heard of wearing compression socks while you’re on a plane to improve your circulation, reducing the risk of blood clots while you’re sitting down for a long period of time. Well, other compression garments offer similar benefits! By gently squeezing your muscles, compression can help the blood flow through your body, preventing it from pooling and reducing the pain you may have as a result of poor circulation. Compression has also been proven to reduce or prevent swelling if that’s an issue for you.

So now you know about the overall aesthetic benefits of compression, as well as some of the benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Let’s go deeper and talk about the benefits of different kinds of shapewear, what each style of shaper is typically worn for, and the surprising secondary benefits many of them offer.

Men’s shapewear includes multiple different styles, but let’s start with shaping shirts and tank tops. Leo’s shaping tops come in various styles, and they can be worn either by themselves or as an undershirt. When you want to squeeze into a tight button-up shirt, try slipping into Leo’s shapewear first and feel the difference it can make in terms of fit!

The Hidden Benefits of Shapewear

But did you know that most of our shaper tanks also have criss-cross back support bands in the back? These bands can help improve your posture, whether you’re sitting at your desk, on a long drive, or working out. As an example, check out our Max/Force Firm Compression Vest,which has sculpting compression in the whole torso and back support bands for all-day posture correction. This shaper shirt is all-in-one and that’s why it’s become a bestselling fan favorite.

The Hidden Benefits of Shapewear

Our shaper shirts are also perfect for activewear. Not only are they designed with moisture-wicking fabric, most of them also have mesh cutouts for a truly cool feel. The compression in these shirts can also help your blood flow, as we mentioned above, so just by wearing them, you may notice an increase in performance.

The Hidden Benefits of Shapewear

Have you heard of butt lifters for men? Leo makes underwear with padding and strategic seams that offer a lifted, rounded look. But, just like our other shapewear, our men’s butt lifters don’t only offer aesthetic benefits. The removable padding that comes with our underwear doesn’t just provide a rounded look – it also gives you some extra cushion for those days when you have to spend more time than usual sitting down. The next time you’re planning to sit down on a hard, uncomfortable chair, on the floor, or just for an extended period of time, try wearing padded underwear for improved comfort! It’s like carrying a cushion around with you, in your pants.

The Hidden Benefits of Shapewear

Leo also makes post-surgical shapewear, specially designed to help you heal more quickly through the power of compression. Whether you’ve had liposuction, bariatric surgery, tummy tuck, gynecomastia surgery, lipostructure, or any other kind of cosmetic surgical procedure, you can recover in comfort with our line of post-surgical garments, made with the same signature compression technology, which may increase the speed of healing and help reduce swelling. As an example, this firm compression post-surgical bodysuitis an all-in-one solution for post-surgical healing, and it has an easy-to-use front hook-and-zip closure.

As you can see, each body shaper for men we make plays multiple roles, just like you do. But how do you choose the best shapewear for every occasion? In our opinion, the best shapewear for men is any piece that makes you feel like your best, most confident self. You can wear our shaper shirts as an undershirt for a sculpted look under any casual outfit, or with your formalwear when you want to elevate your look on a special occasion. Whether you’re looking for aesthetic benefits, practical benefits, or some combination of the two, we definitely have something for you.

When it comes to sizing, shapewear is more straightforward than it seems. No matter what, make sure you choose shapewear that fits you well and will get the job done while still being comfortable. Never size down – always follow the size charts when choosing new shapewear and go with the size that’s indicated for your measurements. Also, when you pull the shaper out of the package, it may look so small you’re wondering if it will even fit. Try it on anyway – our shapewear is specially designed to be stretchy and adapt to the body. You may be surprised at how well it fits once you squeeze into it for the first time.

Do you have any other advice about shapewear for men? Let us know below.

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  • Dr. Acula

    Yes, we boys need our butts lifted too! lift the butt, lift the spirit I always say!!

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