How to Stop Chafing in its Tracks: Tips for Men

Guys, we don’t like to talk about it, but we’ve all been plagued by the issue of chafing at some point or another. Maybe you’re dealing with it right now. Chafing refers to when your thighs rub against each other, which can cause issues that range from annoying to downright detrimental to your health. But luckily, there are a few different, easy ways you can stop chafing before it even happens.


What is chafing?

Chafing is when your skin gets red and irritated from constantly rubbing against something. It can happen when your skin rubs against fabric or some other material, but the most common culprit is when your own skin rubs against your own skin. One of the most common areas where chafing occurs is between your legs. But…

How does chafing happen?

If you walk around a lot, run often, or play sports, you may notice your thighs rubbing together. You may feel the chafing as it happens, or you may just notice later that the skin between your thighs is red and irritated. Although between the thighs is the most common area for chafing to occur, unfortunately, it can happen pretty much anywhere. For example, chafing in the groin usually happens when your underwear gets wet, typically with sweat, and then the wet fabric rubs against the skin that delicate area. Chafing can also happen under your arms. Basically, whenever you move, the threat of chafing is always there. Is there anything you can do to stop chafing?

How to prevent chafing

Now that you know what chafing is and how it happens, let’s get one thing clear: when it comes to your own body, only you can prevent chafing. Luckily, there are a few different preventative measures you can take so that the next time you play your favorite sport, you won’t have to worry about the damaging effects of friction. Having one less thing to worry about will let you focus on what’s really important: winning. Or the power of teamwork. We won’t tell you which to prioritize.

If your thigh rub problem is so bad that you’ve found yourself looking up “How to stop chafing”, here are a couple of ideas for you to try.

1. Chafe protection through powders and anti-friction roll-ons or sticks.

Anti-chafe powder is typically sold in a bottle and may be called “anti friction powder” or “comfort powder.” No matter what they call it, the method should be similar: you apply the powder to the areas where you experience friction and it creates a protective layer over your skin, stopping the problem from recurring.

An anti chafing stick will typically look like a stick of deodorant, except that it applies moisture to the chafe-prone area in order to protect your skin. An anti-chafing roll-on is pretty self-explanatory: you roll the formula onto the area where you typically experience chafing and, boom, you’re free.

2. Choose moisture-wicking underwear for men

You can also prevent chafing by choosing the right materials. As we discussed above, if your underwear is made of material that holds onto moisture, it can cause chafing and discomfort down the line. However, if you choose underwear made of moisture-wicking materials – that is, fabrics that don’t hold onto moisture but instead wick it away from the body – you’ll be less likely to experience chafing.

The majority of Leo’s underwear is made out of our high-tech signature fabrics, ComfortTech and FitTech. FitTech is our signature ultra-light, breathable, porous fabric that feels like you’re wearing nothing. ComfortTech is our very own microfiber, a material that’s made of little fibers for a completely smooth, comfortable feel. Both of our signature fabrics are specially engineered for an airy feel, but they’re also moisture-wicking, which makes them the perfect solution for chafe prevention.

3. Stop thigh rub with shapewear for men

Shapewear doesn’t just compress your body to create a sculpted look: it’s also many men’s go-to for chafe prevention. If you wear shapewear that covers the thighs, the same compression that makes your thighs look more sculpted than ever will also stop them from rubbing together.

For chafe prevention with the added bonus of full-torso sculpting, you’ve gotta try our Firm Compression Shaper Bodysuit. This body shaper will sculpt your chest, abs, and back, but – most importantly for our purposes here – the short bottom will shape your thighs and prevent chafing under absolutely any outfit.

4. Choose trunks or boxer briefs for men

For chafe protection between the thighs, you can also choose underwear that has a little extra coverage in that zone. If you’re used to wearing briefs, try switching to trunks for a little extra coverage and chafe prevention. If trunks aren’t solving the problem, try switching to boxer briefs. The extra fabric between the legs will hopefully help you stop the chafe before it happens.

Leo’s underwear is high-tech and designed to tackle the problems many men face. Each piece of underwear we make features an ergonomically designed pouch for the support you didn’t even know you needed. Our thoughtfully-crafted designs are also light, form-fitting, and soft to the touch. If you’re dealing with chafing, either while you’re working out or just in your daily life, we recommend that you try on a pair of our high-quality underwear. We think you’ll notice the difference right away!

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